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Creative Problem Solving


You've got the smarts and know an accountability partner keeps you on track. Punchy and snappy weekly sessions to keep taking the steps forward

Career Coaching

Career transition. Change. Taking on a team for the first time. Remembering yourself in between the demands. Let's get you sorted

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First 30 minute session is free to understand each other. Or jump ahead and book your coaching

Well structured

Zivana has an extensive and valuable life coaching “toolbox” of resources. The sessions were well structured, often with a closing summary and homework given for completion before the next session. She consistently checked in to ensure I felt I was making  progress in my development and learning. 


Life transition

I absolutely loved working with Zivana over a period of weeks leading up to a life transition. She helped me over the hurdles I was facing within myself and I just love her ‘realness’ and ability to walk her talk – she’s been there, and totally understands. She listens, REALLY listens, and asks you the questions that help you come up with your own answers. Thank you for everything!


Insightful and inspiring

Zivana not only has the uncanny knack of getting to the base root of a problem but is able to guide and assist in taking steps to rectify seemingly insurmountable problems in my career.  Her no nonsense approach and keen insight into everyday problems is a source of inspiration to me. 


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